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Renting of Bullets / Bikes
We have 40 ROYAL ENFIELDS 350 cc, 500 cc and 50 all 100 cc, 150 cc bikes (as on Dec 2008) of different companies like YAMAHA, HERO-HONDA, KAWASAKI, BAJAJ to give for rentals purpose. We are sure to increase our fleet of bikes in future.

Generally Customers prefer Royal Enfields. The Royal Enfield is Considered the most durable, compactable, mechanically sound and stable motorcycle for touring any part and any time (season) in India. Royal Enfield is also use confidently by lots of travellers of different countries all over the world to explore natural creativities.
In rental bikes we provided leg guard, luggage carrier, Tin boxes if required & spair parts
  • Break Shoe
  • Helmet Lock
  • Break Wire
  • Accelarator Wire
  • Clutch Wire
  • Chain Lock
  • Headlight Bulb
  • Tube
  • Packing Tubes
  • Maps
  • Unlimited Milage
  • Third Party Insurance

Storing Your Royal Enfields
Some of our Customers leave their Motorcycles with us, for storage while they are out of the country. We have a large godown to store your bike until you return, to India for another tour.

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