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Restoring of old Royal Enfield / Bikes
Without ever a shadow of doubt the fact remains that the engine of the older version of Royal Enfield is the most in demand by our customer therefore who-so-ever is interested in purchasing, we mould the Enfield accordingly. Many customer are choosing to restore older models of Royal Enfield, typically those whose year of manufacture renders them exempt from recent vehicle specification requirement to their home country.

In restoring first of all we open each & every parts of old bike. Then we send the chassis to check the alignment and wielding etc. All internal moving parts within the engine & gear box are replaced with original or other market spare of the highest quality. Wheels, fork caps, fork spring, wiring, lights and indicators, locks and switchgear are all replaced. The only things that are not changed are outer engine, gearbox and chassis to maintain the legal entity with matching chassis & engine numbers.

Royal Enfield of old version is available in bulk with us therefore catering to the need of our valued customer.
These are the models we have prepared and we can prepare the models according your choice.
Exporting your motorcycle
For customers who wants the motorcycle to be exported from us to their desired place can just inform us and we will see it to that the bike is exported on time. We have a very skilled professional team who will pack the bike in wooden box with cushion wrapped all around to keep away from any scratch or mishandling.

In packing we separate the out wheels of bike. Spare parts, tools and any accessories you require will be packed and dispatched together with your Royal Enfield motorcycles. Before packing the bike in the wooden box flammable items are squeezed out to prevent any accident.

All the bike papers and export documents will be couriered to your home address separately. We will ship your Royal Enfield to your nearest home port. Customers clearance transfer to your home from the port will be the responsibility of the customer when this restored Royal Enfield is full assembled. We road test it over about 200 KMs to ensure that all fitting problems and rattles have been eradicated.
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