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Sale & purchase of Royal Enfield / Bikes
Royal Enfield has made huge impact in the overseas and Indian market as a result of which the customer are willing to own this bike, even if second hand comes their way. Tony bike centre maintains a fleet of 40 pre-owned Royal Enfield motorcycles. We provide second hand bike to our customer who come to India and wants to have his own bike to visit places. The process is simple, you just have to inform us about the model and the year of that particular bike you are looking for and we promise you to serve you the best.
Buy back agreement
For the customer who wishes to tour for larger time. You can purchase your Royal Enfield motorcycle from Tony Bike Centre and after you stay in India we will undertake buy the bike at a fair price. Given the duration of ownership if taking wear & fear account and any other damage your motorcycle may have incurred.
Carnet de passage
A carnet de passage is issued through local automobile organization. In the UK it is the automobile association(AA). If a customer requires a carnet de passage to cross a number of countries en-route to or from their home country then we can suggest the tips to how to go about this process.
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